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Carriage Bolts

These bolts have a large smooth and domed head with no drive. These bolts have a square neck that keeps them from turning after installation. Put them into a round or square hole and tighten with a nut.Use to fasten wood-to-wood and metal-to-wood. Check out our selection of carriage bolts in zinc plated, stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized.

The materials this bolt is available in:
-Stainless steel 18-8
-Zinc plated steel
-Zinc plated grade 5 steel
-Chrome plated grade 5 steel
-Hot dipped galvanized steel
-Silicon bronze


A carriage bolt, coach bolt or round head square neck bolt is a form of bolt. It is distinguished from other bolts by its head: the shank of the bolt is circular for most of its length, as usual, but the portion immediately beneath the head is formed into a square section.


This makes the bolt self-locking when placed through a square hole or a round hole in most wood. This allows the fastener to be installed with only a single tool, a spanner or wrench, working from one side. The head of a carriage bolt is usually a shallow dome. The squared section is of the same size as the diameter of the bolt shank, with a plain unthreaded shank. Carriage bolts were developed for use through iron strengthening plates on either side of a wooden beam. It is commonplace though to use them into bare timber, the squared section giving enough grip to prevent rotation.

Stainless Steel

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